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Marvels Of The Modern World Essay

The Wonders Of Modern Science| Essay And Paragraph The Wonders Of Modern Science| Essay And Paragraph
Wonders Of Modern Science Essay Introduction: We live in the age of science.We can see the wonders of science around us.Science has made our life easy and

Marvels Of The Modern World Essay

At various places in the quran there are references to heaven. So, whether the night is covered by the day or not depends on where you are on earth. If you understand that night and day are simply caused by the illumination of the earth from the sun, what sense does it make to boast about not permitting night to outstrip the day? Among his signs are the night and the day, and the sun and the moon.

Here is an example of twisting the data you might say, allah was speaking not literally, but allegorically! Allah didnt literally mean a muddy spring and some real people this was all an allegory! My answer what evidence do you have that allah was speaking allegorically? How can you know that everything else in the quran is an allegory? How can you know, for example, that when allah says that an adulterer or fornicator (man or woman) must be flogged with 100 lashes ( ) he means that literally, or when he doesnt allow you to eat pork he also means it literally, but when he talks about a muddy spring and the sun setting into it he means that allegorically? Your only motivation for interpreting the data of as an allegory is your present-day knowledge that the idea that the sun sets by diving into a muddy spring is plainly combined with your theory that allah is the author of the quran. The above is one such example, but not the only one. The author of the text on the left makes several references to his source (hippocrates), which he names as every scientific text should do and even praises.

That this story exists is absolutely true if one doubts this, one only has to open the book of ibn ishaq at paragraph 676 and read. Worse, the table is not a table, but a spherical object. I put heaven in quotes in the previous sentence because, as im sure you know from your modern scientific knowledge, there is nothing like heaven in reality.

He it is who created the night and the day, and the sun and the moon. But i must warn you that if you want to have a. In what follows i prefer to use the second person and talk directly to my muslim readers, for whom, after all, this article was written.

There is a quranic verse the context of which is not strictly speaking biology, but something like aviation and aerodynamics. Muhammad simply made a salad in his mind out of ideas that already existed in ancient cultures of that region of the world. Properly, the twinkling of the stars is due to rayleigh scattering by the non-uniformity of the refractive index which is apparent when the number of gas molecules within a volume of one wavelength cubed becomes small so that statistical fluctuations become relatively large.

I think that the attempt to translate quranic phrases in any way one wishes, so that they look like theyre in agreement with present-day knowledge, is a particularly do the believers not realize that in the west we dont rely on the imams or on xs to learn something, but we search the internet and expose such silly attempts at deception? Dont those muslims who act in such ways realize that they exhibit intelligence that proves for those people whom they want to trick? (i suppose not, because the dumb cannot perceive his dumbness. I said that the arabic word used in the quran is , and that it means forelock. They ask how muhammad could possibly possess such knowledge, which, moreover, they believe is correct. Ive done similar things numerous times in this text so far, so you wouldnt risk insisting that i cant do it again, would you? And im not even anywhere near as wise as allah. Of these, only a few are mentioned in the quran, such as sulfur (as a basic ingredient of the environment for unbelievers in hell), gold (as what the believers will be given in paradise never mind what theyll do with it), and iron (the stuff of swords essential instruments of islamic persuasion, by muhammads own admission). Phlegon of Tralles' Book of Marvels (University of... Phlegon of Tralles' Book of Marvels (University of Exeter Press - Exeter Studies in History) (9780859894258): William Hansen: Books

Marvels Of The Modern World Essay

Naturalism (philosophy) - Wikipedia
In philosophy, naturalism is the "idea or belief that only natural (as opposed to supernatural or spiritual) laws and forces operate in the world."
Marvels Of The Modern World Essay Modernism is a philosophical movement that, According to the said reinterpretation, the sentence says that zul-qarnain marched up to the time of the sunset. A notable exception was ancient greek thinkers, who elevated air into one of the four fundamental elements of nature (fire, air, For example. Maybe there are pipes behind the walls, heating the walls and the entire house, I will refrain from complaining about the arithmetic, which sums up to 2428 days (contrary to the 6 days of creation mentioned in several other verses in the quran), because i want to grant the benefit of doubt to those muslims who claim that the first 2 days must be merged into the next 4.
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    In summary according to the author of the quran, the lowest heaven (the sky) is a solid blue dome, made of pieces that fit perfectly together (without rifts), a canopy over our heads that allah holds so that it doesnt fall on earth, which is supported by invisible pillars (wow! How could he ever do !), has gates through which only pious people who died and go to the garden pass, is flat because it will be rolled up like a scroll on judgment day, and is even decorated with little lights (the stars), as we shall see in 1. But, lacking such a specific section in this article, and since the issue concerns birds, ill comment on it in the context of biology. I propose to you that we read together those verses that refer to heaven, dear muslim reader, and try to infer what the author of the quran thought the heaven is, without us being influenced by present-day knowledge. He must have been muhammad muhammad, the illiterate and clueless nomad, who couldnt imagine microscopes even in his wildest dreams, and thus couldnt ever know about what he couldnt see! Why doesnt the quran mention the dna, this molecule that turns out to be all-important in biology, and essentially on our planet? Dont give me again the dumb old argument about those extra-sensitive bedouins, because youll force me to come up with a verse that would sound innocent to them, and yet reveal the dna structure to us. But even if the meaning is moreover, still it cannot be that allah created the heaven before the earth, because in yet.

    If things refers to anything in the world, then there are many things that do not exist in pairs. Why do all objects seem to want to go down? What is it that pulls us downwards? Today, we answer the force of gravity. If such arbitrariness is fair game, then by the same token, i propose that refers to the two bodies of water (or water) that ancient peoples thought that exist the water of the sea, and the water of the sky. Their claims vary, and include such statements as that muhammad couldnt have known such-and-such scientific facts in his time, or that the quran contains no statements that conflict with modern science. Now, the problem here is that by being ignorant, people like my muslim interlocutor agree with what they read in the quran! Think about it one ignorance meets another the ignorant reader agrees with the ignorant author, and even admires him for his wisdom! Thus, after i became aware of the fact that to talk about the distinction between stars and planets i must assume that the reader knows what the planets are, and considering that the muslim i just mentioned might represent my average muslim reader, i thought it is necessary to explain here what a planet is.

    The border of the difference in salinity is clearly visible at the lower part of the picture. Allahs purpose was to persuade us, present-day unbelievers, why did he use such an ambiguous and vague phrase? Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence, says a dictum. So, there is the following verse in the quran that explains to us what makes birds fly, or rather, who helps them be suspended in midair do they not look at the birds, held poised in the midst of (the air and) the sky? Nothing holds them up but (the power of) allah. Today, the word is used for planet, and the word is used for star. Suppose you spread a piece of dough on a table. The claim made by muslims is that, whether forelock or forehead, verse and that modern neuroscience has discovered that lies indeed originate in the frontal lobe of the brain (the prefrontal cortex in particular), which is situated behind the forehead! How could muhammad ever know such a modern scientific finding! Ergo, the divine origin of the quran is proven. And the judgment attributed to muhammad (that such a murder is as meaningless as two goats butting heads), even if artificial and made-up, shows very clearly what the bedouin muslims considered meaningful and morally justified. For, later those form twigs, as hippocrates called them, wanting to show their resemblance to branches. I suppose every educated person living in the 21st century understands why the ancient peoples were so confused about the heart. Earth can be its core, mantle, and crust the three layers of the atmosphere can be the troposphere, stratosphere, and ionosphere and the three layers of the rest of the cosmos can be our solar system, our galaxy, and everything else outside our galaxy.

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    Modernism is a philosophical movement that, along with cultural trends and changes, arose from wide-scale and far-reaching transformations in Western society during ...
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    The crucial observation is that, because the quran is supposed to be the outcome of allahs wisdom, and since allah is all-wise, of those troublesome points must be answered by you to your satisfaction. First, heres what the the quran tells us that allah created the world in six days (in several verses, and i said i am not going to argue that the verses in describe a creation in eight days). Why did allah if thats the author of the quran establish such rules, such rules that are good for some part of the world only? Didnt allah know that islam would spread one day beyond arabia. Muhammad simply made a salad in his mind out of ideas that already existed in ancient cultures of that region of the world Buy now Marvels Of The Modern World Essay

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    So, tell me please, how can the quran tell us interesting about biology when it omits referring even indirectly to the most important biological concept, the molecule that why doesnt the quran mention anything about animals or plants that muhammad couldnt have known? Why, for example, doesnt it mention the such as the kangaroos? Could it be because the marsupials live in faraway continents, like australia and south america, and muhammad knew as much about kangaroos as kangaroos knew about muhammad? And its not just the marsupials. Will they not, then, give thanks? , of that which the earth groweth, and of themselves, and of that which they know not! Who made the earth a resting-place for you, and placed roads for you therein, that haply ye may find your way and who sendeth down water from the sky in (due) measure, and we revive a dead land therewith Marvels Of The Modern World Essay Buy now

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    How do we know all this, about abu jahl? Because the story is recounted in a hadith by sahih muslim. The bright dots (real stars) exist forever, and are unbelievably far away from us. Let it be noted that the above hadith is regarded by muslim scholars as false, artificially concocted. I ask those readers who already have this elementary knowledge to bear with me, considering that other readers, who lack this knowledge and for whom this text is mostly written, cannot otherwise appreciate the inadequacy and emptiness of the quranic information. And this last remark brings forth a further argument if allah is all-wise, and the quran is a product of that all-wise mind, how is it possible that human beings like me manage to find so many holes in allahs text? A text produced really by allah should be such that not even the unbelievers, could find anything to argue against Buy Marvels Of The Modern World Essay at a discount

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    He asked do you know where this sets? I replied allah and his apostle know best. If theory 1 is correct, then allah surely enough succeeded in pleasing the illiterate bedouins, but simultaneously succeeded in making young children of today laugh their brains out (as children say) with the stupidity and egregious errors of the quranic cosmology. Earth to the creation of the universe (heaven) was like 13? What could go wrong with the bedouins reaction to muhammad, since they had already accepted such an incredible idea as that muhammad was directly communicating with god? How can you be so sophisticated as to reject a revelation because of some numbers (which are just numbers anyway), and at the same time to be such an exemplar of na veness and gullibility as to believe a man who tells you to reject your other gods and believe him because he talks to the only god? You cant be extra smart and extra stupid at the same time, can you? Something doesnt compute in theory 1 Buy Online Marvels Of The Modern World Essay

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    Notice that this error the relative one is independent of how long a quranic day is given all the above data, we may now consider the following two theories (to explain the data) allah, the true author of the quran, claims that the earth was created first and the heaven later, or at best concurrently with the earth, but certainly not before it whereas scientifically we know that the rest of the world existed for around 9 billion years before the earth started being formed. Moon is at least as far away as the stars, so lets not repeat this problem here. But, even though neuroscience hasnt come up with a final verdict yet, for the sake of argument, ill accept that the frontal lobe is the area of the brain that deals with lies, and ill examine the rest of the claim Buy Marvels Of The Modern World Essay Online at a discount

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    Of course, if it is really allah speaking in verses , this is still a question why did allah choose to speak in such a way so as to allow non-muslims today to exclaim the author of the quran didnt even know basic arithmetic? Couldnt allah, being so wise, predict this and make the arithmetic in sound more accurate and less like that of an illiterate person? But, anyway, lets skip this moot point. Elsewhere, allah boasts that the canopy, the roof, if allah knew that the earth is a sphere, and that its atmosphere (responsible for the illusion of heaven) surrounds the globe and is held around it by gravity, why would he boast that there are no visible that support it? Pillars are used only to support ceilings, roofs, or other tell us that heaven means the atmosphere, and not the abstract notion of rest of the universe except earth? For, if allah meant this last idea by heaven, why did he need to boast about no visible pillars? How can the vast, endless rest of the universe fall on the speck of dust that is earth ( ridiculous? This tells us without any reasonable doubt that by the word heavens the quran means the earths sky, its atmosphere Marvels Of The Modern World Essay For Sale

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    I ask those readers who already have this elementary knowledge to bear with me, considering that other readers, who lack this knowledge and for whom this text is mostly written, cannot otherwise appreciate the inadequacy and emptiness of the quranic information. Quran that an all-wise entity, such as allah, made a grave error telling us that the moon is at least as far as the stars, and also that he talked about such non-existent things as the heaven, which consists of supposedly seven layers, one on top of the other, whereas such notions are nonsensical in modern science. As for the total number of bacteria of our planet, it is hold on to your seats about (5,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000), forming a biomass that exceeds the biomass of all plants and animals ( no For Sale Marvels Of The Modern World Essay

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    The reason is that, earlier, i wrote a few more articles on the religion of islam ( ), which were read among other people by muslims. The bright line (shooting star) that exists for a split-second happens right here, in our atmosphere. Quran (whoever he is allah himself, or muhammads spread out like a carpet. Thus, the language of the quran couldnt possibly have a word for referring to an unknown, nonexistent concept. Him rivals? He (and none else) is the lord of the worlds.

    . The previous are concepts found elsewhere in the world, but absent in arabia. Muhammad was illiterate, but its hard to believe he was worse than a first grader, who knows that two-plus-four-plus-two doesnt add up to six Sale Marvels Of The Modern World Essay








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